About Eventials

The best and most complete platform to do webinars.

What is Eventials

A platform that allows anyone to participate in and organise webinars. We gather webinars of the most varied subjects in a single place, created by influencers and companies.

How it Works

You create an Eventials account and with it you will be able to organise or participate in webinars. To participate you just need to find a subject of your interest. To broadcast you just need to have a webcam and a microphone on your computer.

Who we are

A Brazilian company, founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs, designers and hackers, located in the city of São Paulo - SP. In 2012 it received investment from Locaweb, a pioneer of internet services in Brazil, which allowed us to accelerate its development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow people and businesses to disseminate and abolve knowledge through broadcasting webinars, courses, speeches and online events.

We amplify knowledge using "live" video and the web 2.0, allied with a simple and elegant design, we make knowledge accessible from anywhere, at any time and for everybody.

We built the best platform to participate in, organise and share knowledge; in a quick, intuitive and universal way.


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